Back from Hawaii

Hula DancerWe’ve just returned from a vacation in Hawaii. We had an absolute blast!

It all started with a fare sale from Delta, which planted the seed in our minds. We did a lot of research and ended up going through Costco travel. In the end, Delta’s marketing ended up with us buying tickets on United.

We spent two nights at the Hyatt in Waikiki and then 6 nights at the Hyatt on Maui. Honolulu isn’t a great place to vacation – at least if you’re an American – but it’s one of those places we just have to experience. We both liked Maui a lot better.

We were there for the big 6.7 earthquake. It didn’t do any major damage on Maui. In fact, I looked hard to find something to take a picture of as proof, and all I could come up with was a “closed due to earthquake damage” sign at a small shop in Lahaina. They didn’t even have major damage, just a few glass trinkets that had rattled off the shelves. In all, the power was out at the resort for about three hours, but we’d planned to be at the pool anyway, so it didn’t really put a damper on our plans.

I’ll post more about our trip later. In the meantime, enjoy the photos!


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