Adobe CS3 is Frustrating as Hell

Adobe CS3Right now I’m stuck using my backup iMac in the office because my main computer is tied up trying to install Adobe CS3 for the fifth time today. I decided to go ahead and install CS3 as soon as it came in this morning because it has some new features that would really help with the project I’m working on right now. That was a bad idea.

After waiting an hour for the software to install, it comes back with a message that says “component install failed” with no more information explaining why. I’ve spent my afternoon going through the Adobe site and trying every suggestion there. At one hour per installation attempt (and you can’t have any other programs running while you install it) that adds up to a wasted day and it’s looking like tomorrow will be no better.

It’s ridiculous that I’ve paid $600 for this software and can neither return it nor install it at this point. Adobe used to produce quality products, but apparently they’ve given up on beta testing and taken the Microsoft route of making your customers into guinea pigs.

UPDATE: I finally solved the problem by uninstalling Google Desktop.


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    […] a breakthrough! June 8th, 2007 — Chris Almost a month ago, I first attempted to install Adobe Creative Suite 3. Today – after five promised-and-not-delivered return calls from Adobe’s tech support team […]

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