Dre Adams Laid to Rest

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usToday the funeral was held for De’Andre Adams, Winthrop’s backup point guard. All of the current team and a few former players were there and many acted as pall bearers for their fallen teammate. It was good to see that Gregg and Lynn Marshall were able to make it, and even Mark-David Vil, the new recruit from Canada. Gary McCann has a moving article about the funeral and the Herald has an image gallery.

What a terrible day for the team. I hope they’ll be able to carry on Dre’s memory and bring his energy to every game and practice.

I’m glad Winthrop will be retiring #24. Hopefully it’s the only one that will ever need to be retired due to a tragedy like this.

Photo by Andy Burriss, The Herald

UPDATE (5/22/07, 8:28 am): Here is a great tribute to Dre from Youtube. You’ll see his trademark dancing during the lineups and his rather unique free-throw shot.


One Response to “Dre Adams Laid to Rest”

  1. tony Says:

    God is now blessing you forever young man! I have watched your old games and you were awesome…I love the free-throw pose.

    To the family, he is gone but he is still living on…I did not know but I can feel the love for him after watching the game today 3-8-08 against asheville.

    Forever homey, Tony in Texas

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