Checking Out Facebook

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketToday I decided to sign up for Facebook. Wow! It’s amazing how much nicer this is than the crapfest known as Myspace! Everything has a place on your profile so videos and pictures and music and quotes aren’t just thrown willy-nilly all over the page. Their photo application is much higher quality (and it has plugins for both iPhoto and Aperture), as are there videos. I love the mini-feed that lets you know what your friends have updated recently. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find as many of my friends on Facebook as I can on Myspace, but hopefully that will change soon.

I was about to give up on the whole social networking thing thanks to Myspace, but Facebook is really a breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeing you there!


One Response to “Checking Out Facebook”

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