The Transformation is Almost Complete

total-county-small.jpgIt’s been almost four years since I moved from South Carolina to Ohio. Today I realized that I’m starting to lose one of the last vestiges of my Southern upbringing when I called the Coke machine at work a “pop machine.” Normally, I would only say something like that to help others around me understand what I was saying; it’s something that’s usually painful for me to do. Today, however, it just rolled right off my tongue, and only later did I realize what I’d done. (I love this map that shows the divisions around the US of what people call a soft drink, from Coke, to pop to soda.)

I’ve never had an accent to speak of, so I hold onto the South’s little colloquialisms like “y’all,” “fixin’ to” and “Coke” as one last bit of rebelliousness against the Northern culture. I find that the longer I’m here, though, the more those things slip away; and that seemingly little thing has been one of the hardest parts of making the move up here.

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One Response to “The Transformation is Almost Complete”

  1. Lyn Says:

    I moved from Ohio to Kentucky about 4 years ago and struggle to hang on to my northern culture. When you are brought up a certain way it becomes a part of who you are. I worry that if I fall into southern ways I will lose a part of who I am. Keeping my northern ways makes me the unique one of nearly every group I belong to and my friends seem to like it that way. Unfortunately we cannot always resist temptation when we are around a certain culture day after day. You just have to think about it a little harder and take a trip once in a while to where you came from. It helps you to get back to where you were before you moved into your new world.

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