Train Collides with Car. Somehow CNN thinks it’s the train’s fault.

In my favorite boneheaded CNN article of the day they try to blame Amtrak for a collision that killed four people. Here’s the quote from the last paragraph of the story:

It was not immediately known how fast the train was going or what caused the accident. The authorized speed for that area is 79 mph.

I can tell you exactly what caused the accident, Captain Obvious; in fact, it’s in the third paragraph of the story:

The car drove around the crossing gate, witnesses said.

Come on. How is it Amtrak’s fault that some idiot drove around the crossing gates? Why is it that every time we see a story about a train colliding with a car, it’s the fault of the big, bad train?

It’s simple physics, folks; trains are really heavy and they move really fast. They simply can’t slam on the brakes and come to a stop before hitting some numbskull who’s decided to play a game of chicken with his entire family.

Photo by Puddles

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One Response to “Train Collides with Car. Somehow CNN thinks it’s the train’s fault.”

  1. magicland Says:

    Funny, I left almost the same comment to CNN when I read about this. I guess their so-called “reporters” never learned anything about objective journalism and just how to pull text from the AP feed. The headline should read “Another idiot kills themselves, their family, and endangers the lives of hundreds”

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