Pandora is finally on Facebook

Pandora LogoPandora has finally made it to Facebook. Their app is well thought out. They provide a list of your stations that people can play directly from your profile page, a list of your favorite artists and your bookmarked songs.

The app seems to be fast and intuitively laid out. It allows you to invite friends, but it doesn’t force you like many apps do now. If I want to spam my friends, it won’t be for someone else’s app! With Pandora’s already established user base this one should grow very quickly.

I’ve been waiting for this to make it to Facebook because I use Pandora for about 9 hours out of every day. My Quickmix is filled with songs from my favorite artists and artists that have similar musical styles. It always seems to pick up on songs that I like with very little prodding from me. It matches songs based on musical styles through the music genome project rather than by genre or artist. I’ve found out that I like a few older Johnny Cash songs. Who knew? I never would have picked those out and said “Oh, I’d like to hear some of that,” but it matches the style of some other songs I like and fits perfectly into my station.

Facebook Video Rocks

Facebook VideosToday Facebook released their video application. I was able to upload a few videos of Ava on Wednesday and the results blew me away. The Facebook video offering is far superior to both Youtube and Myspace. It features a larger player, higher resolution, more upload formats and a host of other improvements. You can even send video mail to other users.

I’m really pleased with Facebook so far. If you’re a Myspacer who hasn’t checked out Facebook yet, run, don’t walk to sign up for Facebook today. You’ll be glad you did.