My favorite college football game? Fiesta Bowl 2007

Fiesta BowlEach day this week the football writers at have been writing about the best college football game they attended. I’ve watched a LOT of college football, but I have to agree with Pat Forde and say that my favorite game was easily Boise State’s win over Oklahoma in this year’s Fiesta Bowl. It had it all – an undefeated underdog, lots of scoring, overtime, more trick plays than I’ve ever seen, and to top it all off, a marriage proposal. I woke Amy at least three times that night while I was screaming at the TV.

For games I’ve actually attended, I think the best would be Arkansas at Tennessee in 1998. The most bizarre 4th quarter was capped by Arkansas QB Clint Stoerner tripping and losing the ball when he should have been taking a knee. Tennessee RB Travis Henry ran 5 straight times to give Tennessee the lead.

Unfortunately I wasn’t actually in the stadium for the end of the game. My dad had broken his leg (in a bunch of places) only two months before the game and was still in a cast and on crutches. It was a cold, rainy night and his exposed toes were starting to turn purple, so we decided to head to the parking garage across the street to watch on a friend’s TV. I remember hearing the roar from the stadium and wondering what could have possibly happened while the satellite signal took its sweet time beaming all over the world to get to this TV that was only feet from the stadium. My dad had already started to head to the buses, since it was going to take him so long to get there, but I stood and watched in awe as Tennessee came back to win it – a win that eventually led to the national championship.

What was your favorite game?