The Transformation is Almost Complete

total-county-small.jpgIt’s been almost four years since I moved from South Carolina to Ohio. Today I realized that I’m starting to lose one of the last vestiges of my Southern upbringing when I called the Coke machine at work a “pop machine.” Normally, I would only say something like that to help others around me understand what I was saying; it’s something that’s usually painful for me to do. Today, however, it just rolled right off my tongue, and only later did I realize what I’d done. (I love this map that shows the divisions around the US of what people call a soft drink, from Coke, to pop to soda.)

I’ve never had an accent to speak of, so I hold onto the South’s little colloquialisms like “y’all,” “fixin’ to” and “Coke” as one last bit of rebelliousness against the Northern culture. I find that the longer I’m here, though, the more those things slip away; and that seemingly little thing has been one of the hardest parts of making the move up here.

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Checking Out Facebook

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketToday I decided to sign up for Facebook. Wow! It’s amazing how much nicer this is than the crapfest known as Myspace! Everything has a place on your profile so videos and pictures and music and quotes aren’t just thrown willy-nilly all over the page. Their photo application is much higher quality (and it has plugins for both iPhoto and Aperture), as are there videos. I love the mini-feed that lets you know what your friends have updated recently. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find as many of my friends on Facebook as I can on Myspace, but hopefully that will change soon.

I was about to give up on the whole social networking thing thanks to Myspace, but Facebook is really a breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeing you there!

She Can Roll!

I Can Roll!

Ava finally managed to roll over for the first time this morning. Amy put her on the floor and I was laying next to her and it just happened all of a sudden. She did it on her first try of the day. And then she wouldn’t stop, she did it over and over again. Video after the jump.

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Ava Loves to Swim

Tonight we took Ava over to the real pool for the first time. She did not want to get out of the water. She stayed in for about an hour before we finally decided it was time to call it a night. We took a whole bunch of pictures, and I even got really brave (or stupid) and took the camera in the pool with me even though kids were splashing all around behind me. Luckily the camera stayed relatively dry.

Happy Memorial Day

We just got back into town from visiting our friends Brian and Melissa in Chicago. We had a great time up there. The only real activities we did were a trip to Ikea and a party with some of their neighbors on Saturday night. The rest of the time we were just able to relax and catch up.

We took the new car and didn’t have any problems. It rides really well and we had plenty of room to put all of our new stuff from Ikea. Amy liked the drop-down center console; it made it easy for her to get into the back seat to feed Ava.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the kids. We were all outside just before sunset on Sunday night. The girls were on the playset and we set up the bubble blowing machines for Ava. The lighting was perfect and I think I got some pretty good shots.

Ava’s First Swim

Ava's First Swim (by ChrisIrmo)Today we set up Ava’s pool for the first time. It was a gorgeous day to relax in the back yard and Ava seemed to really like sitting in the pool. The water was cool and she’d been sweating all day.

Earlier in the day we went out and test drove some cars. We checked out both the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4. Personally, I thought the CR-V was the best hands down. A lot of aspects of the RAV4 felt cheaply built and the Honda just felt like Amy’s Accord which I love to drive.

“Hey, can you cancel all our credit cards?”

Amy’s Broken Car WindowToday some idiot broke into Amy’s car while she was at work. He took her purse, which had her wallet in it. Luckily, the genius left the iPod that was sitting right next to it.

Amy spent most of her day canceling credit cards and getting her window replaced while I got to spend an hour at the bank closing our accounts and reopening new ones. Amy still needs to get a new driver’s license, but she can’t do that until she has cash, and she can’t get cash until the new accounts process through the bank’s system (my debit card has been transferred to the new account, but it won’t take effect for 24 hours).

It’s amazing all the little things that you carry around all the time that have to be replaced. Luckily there was nothing irreplaceable in there; it was mostly paperwork. It just takes a lot of time and effort (and a little bit of money) to get everything back in order. I’m sure we’ll still be thinking of things that were in there weeks from now.

Hopefully the police will be able to find the creep and bring him to justice. He came into Amy’s work and asked for an application just before he decided to check the cars for valuables, so they have his picture on the security cameras. He also threw Amy’s Sam’s Club and Costco membership cards out the window as he was pulling away, so they’ve pulled some fingerprints from those.